Cardi B showed off her figure and BLOND hair! Do they suit her?

Cardi B
Author: Rex Features / East News

Cardi B loves to shock, the controversy she has been causing for years fits in with her image. She loves scandals not only professionally but also on a private footing. Shocking internet users has become so used to her that she no longer cares whether it causes a scandal or not. It also aroused a lot of controversy now on the occasion of the last post on Instagram. Cardi B poses in a blond and skimpy underwear. Hit?

Cardi B is one of the most colorful people in show business. He keeps his feet firmly on the ground, wades forward strongly, and most importantly, he rarely cares about criticism! In a word, the perfect star material! Cardi B is either loved or hated. It is really difficult to pass by her indifferently! Those who love her stand behind her, and the latter point out mistakes at every step, mainly in social media.

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Following Cardi B on Instagram over 70 million people. The rapper knows perfectly well that nothing attracts attention like nudity, so there are photos in bikinis or skimpy outfits on her profile. Her last post, which was joined by a mysterious video, also proves this. Cardi B posed in a skimpy lingerie set, black high heels and blonde hair! Probably her new hairstyle is due to the wigs, which the rapper has quite a lot in her wardrobe.

I have an ad for tomorrow. Paaa.

– she signed the post.

While admiring the rapper’s charms, the fans wonder what the author meant by giving the strange signature. Some hope it’s tomorrow Cardi B will come with new songs. Apparently, as early as in June, she was to reveal that she has been working on them for some time.

For now, a moment of uncertainty awaits fans. And now they can admire the rapper in the new edition.

Ps. How do you like it? Blond suits her, or do you prefer her with dark hair? Taylor Swift reveals his friends’ secret, Kanye West does not return to Kim Kardashian

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