Cardi B threatens the blogger! It went for a photo of her without makeup. “Stop before I find you”

Cardi B
Author: Rex Features / East News

He doesn’t mess with Cardi B! All those girls with whom the rapper got into a fight in the past know about it, and there was a lot of it. Now one of the bloggers who published an unfavorable photo according to Cardi B finds out about it!

Cardi B raises a lot of controversy. Fans got used to her extravagant looks, but she still seems not used to seeing herself in no make up version. She just attacked a blogger who published her photos completely without makeup and in unwashed hair. It was a photo captured while the rapper was walking down the street. The photo that appeared on the web did not like the rap star so much that it made the author of the publication understand what she thought about her. Nay, she even started threatening her!

Cardi B kind of does not care what others say about her, as long as she is fully styled. However, when it comes to the version without makeup, the rapper probably loses confidence. A blogger with a pseudonym Daily Tea Talks she published a photo on her profile Cardi B without makeup. Thus, she enraged her so much that the artist attempted to make threats against the girl.

You’re crazy f ** k remove this photo ASAP !!!

Stop before I find you

– were the messages from Cardi B. The blogger, to ease the situation, tried to explain to the feverish artist that the photos do not present her in a bad light.

You didn’t look bad in that photo.

Unfortunately, her efforts proved futile, as the artist continued her threats:

Stop playing with me before I find you.


Internet users did not like the whole situation, accusing the artist of aggression and the fact that she always argues with bloggers. One fan reminded her:

You should know what you signed up for when you decided to become a star.

This is not the first time Cardi B is at war with a blogger. Earlier, she sued one of them for defamation after a blogger called her a prostitute. She also did not owe her and ordered damages from her after, as a result of a public quarrel with the artist she received death threats from fans of the rapper. Taylor Swift reveals his friends’ secret, Kanye West does not return to Kim Kardashian

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