Cardi B tweaked the whipped cream. If you eat it, you cannot drive the car

The perfect gift for Christmas does not exist … Whipshots from Cardi B is a product that you need, but you do not know about it yet. Scroll on!


Cardi B shocked the confectioners and caused a dreamy expression on the face of gourmands. The American rapper has released Whipshots, or aerosol whipped cream … with added percentages. Who would like to try this deliciousness?

Whipshots is a collaborative effort Cardi B from Starco Brands. The product is nothing more than whipped cream in various flavor options (vanilla, mocha, caramel), but with a surprising addition of vodka. Whipshots contain 10% alcohol and comes in three volume variants: 50ml, 200ml and 375ml.

The unofficial name of the product is “Cardi in a can”. The rapper describes Whipshots as sexy, unique and over the top. The product is dairy freetherefore it does not need to be cooled down like traditional whipped cream.


Whipped cream with vodka can probably be used for desserts, cakes, cocktails and coffee to add a bit of spice to the products. Nevertheless, we all know that there is only one correct way to eat whipped cream, which is to stuff your mouth with it until you feel sick.

The Whipshots promotional campaign is accompanied by sensual advertising, after which you will surely feel an appetite:

Whipshots – how to buy them?

Cardi B’s Whipped Cream will be dropped exclusively on the Whipshots website. Every day in December, 500 cans of the delicacy will be available for sale. The first drop took place on December 1 at 18:00 (Polish time).


If you want to participate in the drop, you should subscribe to the mailing list using the form on the Whipshots website. When I tried to do this … nothing happened. The site is overloaded because the interest around Whipshots is huge.

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