Cardi B was inspired by Kim Kardashian? She also put SOMETHING on her head

Cardi B
Author: Rex Features / East News

Kim Kardashian recently presented herself to the world in a styling that covered her from head to toe. The celebrity even had her face covered. Thanks to the outfit from MET, Gali was on her lips for a long time. Now Cardi B is following her. The rapper also decided to cover her face, only part of it, but how effective …

Cardi B loves to shock and cause scandals. Most often he does it with clothes, but also with his behavior. On Instagram, Cardi boasted photos of the styling she was wearing during the Paris Fashion Week.

Tight pants and a jacket did not shock anyone, but when we look at the rapper’s head … we want to ask what is it? Cardi B was probably inspired by Kim Kardashian, because she put a golden cap on her head, which was connected to the glasses, so at the same time it covered her eyes …

Kim Kardashian’s outfit from the MET Gala is a perfect costume for… HALLOWEEN! What is the price …

In order not to be too polite, there were also golden patches on the jacket, on the bust. For this, she chose controversial jewelry similar to an animal’s head.

Hmm… maybe you can help guess what Cardi B has on her head? xD

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