Cardi B will also star in subsequent films

The official Polish premiere of the film will take place in a few days Fast and Furious 9. After over a year of slide, this long-awaited production will finally hit the big screen, and cinema fans will be able to follow the new adventures of Dominik Toretto.

We know that one of the newcomers to this series of films is the American rapper Cardi B, who in a character named Leysa. It turns out, however, that participation in the ninth part Fast and furious won’t be her only appearance in this action film franchise. Entertainment Tonight’s editor interviewed Vin Diesel and director Justin Lin, which confirmed Cardi B’s slightly broader involvement.

Lin: I love Cardi, you guys? It’s amazing that she has just emerged and has already become part of the family. I am glad that during the conversations with Vin he empathizes with his character and is interested in this universe. We’ve been around for so long, but only now will you see the heroine she plays. I can’t wait to tell you a little more about it.

Diesel: We hope to develop her character before we reach the finals. She was just in time. This is the perfect time for her to join F9.

According to Lin and Diesel, Leysa, played by Cardi B, will stay with the audience a little longer. He will probably also appear in movies The Fast and the Furious 10 and Fast and Furious 11that this iconic saga will end with.

When discussing the future of the Fast and Furious series, it is also worth quoting the recent news, which shows that Meadow Walker, the daughter of the late Paul Walker, may play in the future.

Finally, we would like to remind you that if you decide to watch Fast and Furious 9 in IMAX cinemas, you will also get a 5-minute special screening from the film Jurassic World 3 (premiered in June 2022.

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