Cardi B’s daughter got a Hermes handbag for her birthday.

Apparently, you don’t forget the day you buy your first Hermes Birkin bag – after all, they can cost up to 100,000. PLN for collector’s items. Cardi B’s daughter (27) got one for her birthday, when she was only 2 years old. The fans attacked the rapper and admitted that she could spend the amount of money for a good cause. Cardi B decided to explain herself.

Cardi B took her 2-year-old daughter to the PARTY

Cardi B bought her daughter a Hermes purse

Cardi B she is certainly not a typical mother. From an early age, she pampers and dresses her daughter in clothes from the best designers. The girl can also boast a diamond necklace, which she received for her earlier birthday.

Sorry, Kylie Jenner – Cardi B THROUGHOUT you with a gift for your daughter

The rapper dresses her daughter in matching sets – to match her mother. Cardi and Offset are happy to take Kulture to industry events. Recently, the whole family appeared at the presentation of the new album Teyany Taylor.

Kulture recently turned two. On this occasion, proud parents decided to give her another gift. It turns out that the girl got her first handbag from a luxury brand Hermes, of course, in a pink color. Offset, who is the father of Kulture, posted a video on Instagram from the moment the gift was unwrapped.

I wonder if the girl realizes how much such an accessory costs?

The recording angered the Internet users, who wrote in the comments – that the 2-year-old did not understand how absurdly expensive gift she received. Fans admitted that Cardi B and Offset are wasting money, and they could help someone in the era of a global pandemic.

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The rapper quickly decided to answer and admitted that if she wears expensive and designer accessories, her daughter must also have them. She added that she would immediately encounter a huge wave of hate – if she herself paraded in luxurious clothes and her daughter wore cheaper brands.

Cardi B with daughter Kulture

Cardi B with her daughter Kulture. Photo: Forum/Backgrid USA.

Cardi did not grow up in luxury and you can see that she wants to provide a better environment for her child.

Did she overdo this gift?


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