Cardi B’s daughter is 3 years old. Even Kylie Jenner would not be ashamed of such an event!

Cardi B
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The weekend at Cardi B’s was a party. The rapper celebrated the 3rd birthday of her daughter Kulture. She posted an extensive report on this event on her Instagram profile. What can I say, it was very effective …

Rappers love to play, there’s no doubt about that. Cardi B and her husband Offset, are famous for their love of party lifestyle. More than once the rapper boasted about a party where not only alcohol was poured, but also a lot of strippers danced.

Cardi B gave her husband her own birthday party, which was attended by the strippers. So there is no need to convince anyone that Cardi B is a born party girl and probably wants to pass the same lifestyle to her daughter Culture.

Prince George’s joy and sorrow. Yes, Kate, William and their son were rooting for the Englishman …

The daughter of Cardi B and Offseta Kulture is 3 years old and her parents celebrated her birthday on this occasion. As befits a star couple, it was rich! Lots of balloons, food and most of all guests. But the little birthday girl focused on herself the most. The 3-year-old was wearing a wide, pink ball dress and she came to the party in a horse-drawn carriage!

The whole setting of the event really made an impression, we are convinced that even Kylie Jenner herself would not be ashamed of such a birthday party and would gladly make such a party for her daughter Stormi.

In addition to the story on the insta story, Cardi B also added a post with a photo of Kulture, which was a month old at the time.

Forever my little baby. My queen.

– she wrote.

Birthday greetings sprinkled under the fast. Culture has won them, among others from Lizzo.

Kulture's birthday

Kulture's birthday

Kulture's birthday


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