Cardi B’s daughter put her makeup on. It’s good that all banquets are canceled!

Cardi B
Author: Rex Features / East News

Cardi B enjoys every moment spent with her little daughter. 2-year-old Kulture is her apple of the eye. So much so that the rapper allowed her to put on makeup. Effect? Well … at the most extravagant shows they would not be ashamed of such a shocking effect!

Cardi B never ceases to surprise us with how she combines being a mother and a rapper. One day she puts in a video where she blows on a pole or twerk practically naked on her man’s lap. And a day later? She adds a cute video of playing with her little daughter. Fantastic!

This time, 2-year-old Kulture put makeup on my mother. Here you will need Jennifer Lopez!

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Cardi B is pole dancing! He hasn’t been a stripper for a long time, but he still remembers something! …

Cardi B’s 2-year-old daughter put her makeup on

Recently, Jennifer Lopez revealed that Cardi B is a huge fan of her brand. It was a JLo Beauty face cleanser that “removes all makeup”. We hope the rapper has a supply somewhere on hand …

Cardi B played with her daughter and allowed her to do makeup. Well … surely Kulture did what she could and for a two-year-old it turned out pretty well;). And yet Cardi b probably appreciates the more ongoing pandemic and the fact that we all stay at home …

Cardi B’s daughter carefully covered her mother’s eyelids with a shadow. So much so that Cardi B would lose her eye if it took longer!

See for yourself this work:

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