carried out on masks, bulletin, and fines to no vax

The Meloni government will not follow the line of its predecessors on the management of the Covid emergency, and indeed is thinking of eliminating all existing obligations

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The premier Giorgia Melons announced, during the keynote speech presented to the House and the Senate, that, although it is not possible to exclude one new wave of Covid or the onset of a new pandemic, its line will be different from its predecessors Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi.

The Government would be willing to dismantle the latest limitations against the coronavirus still existing in Italy, using only appeals to the individual responsibility and dropping all the obligations and penalties envisaged so far.

The Meloni turning point on Covid: no to the Draghi model, no restrictions

“We will not replicate the template of the previous government ”, declared the Prime Minister. Which provided “the most restrictive measures of the entire West ”and has come to“ severely limit the fundamental freedoms of people and activities ”.

Despite being, Giorgia Meloni underlined, “among the States that have registered the worst data in terms of mortality and infections “. Something, from the premier’s point of view, did not work upstream. And for this the Executive is thinking of a route change total.

Schillaci (Health) announces the pandemic management commission

The Minister of Health Horace Schillaci (who, as explained here, was a member of the CTS) declared that today the disease “is completely different”And we are thinking of a“ return to one greater freedom“.

On the Lungotevere Ripa table there are the recovery of performance jump during the pandemic and long disposal waiting lists.

Covid, what changes with the Meloni government: carried out on masks, bulletin, and fines for no vaxPhoto source: ANSA

The handover between the health ministers: on the left the outgoing Roberto Speranza and on the right Orazio Schillaci.

In addition to the need to “clarify what happened from an administrative point of view” and the management of the pandemic. By creating a commission of inquiryof which the premier herself spoke.

The line of the Meloni government: what changes on masks, vaccines and fines

So let’s see which ones decisions should take the new government and how it should address, according to what has been leaked and announced so far, the various thorny issues related to the national management of Covid.

Covid Bulletin

Farewell to Covid bulletin daily on infections, hospitalizations and deaths. He becomes weekly, as announced in a note from the Ministry of Health. There remains the possibility for the competent authorities to acquire the data at any time.

Obligatory masks in hospitals

The obligation to wear the masks in hospitals, in outpatient clinics, diagnostic centers and RSAs. It should not be renewed but the obligation to present the Green pass should remain at the entrance.

Obligatory masks at work

On October 31st the obligation to wear the workplace masks where it is impossible to respect the safety distances. The issue will be discussed during the meeting between the social partners on 4 November.

Vaccination obligation for health professionals

December 31st expiresvaccination obligation for all healthcare professionals and employees. It shouldn’t be renewed.

Fines for no vax over 50 years

With the Aid decree an amendment should be passed to cancel the fines to no vax over 50 who have not taken steps to immunize themselves against Covid by June 15.

Mechanical ventilation in public

The government is considering a plan for the ventilation mechanics in public places, such as schools and offices, and on means of transport to stop the circulation of the virus without the masks.

“Superconsultant” and Covid commission

In addition to the pandemic management inquiry commission, a “super consultant“To work alongside the Minister of Health to adopt new strategies and allocate funds to the coronavirus emergency.

Meloni government, from trust in Parliament to the budget law: the first stages of the new legislature

Photo source: ANSA

Meloni government, from trust in Parliament to the budget law: the first stages of the new legislature

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