Case of dengue in the historic center, the Municipality orders the disinfestation

Following a case of Dengue fever contract in a tropical country and reported by the Usl Toscana Nord Ovest company in the historic center of Lucca, Mayor Mario Pardini signed a special ordinance today (4 October) which has an intervention of disinfestation on the basis of the indications given on the matter by the ministry of health.

The intervention, which will be carried out from 7.30 to early afternoon tomorrow (5 October), will consist of disinfestation of the affected area with insecticides, through interventions both on adult insects and on larvae, both on public land and in private properties. In particular they will be any peri-domestic larval foci researched and eliminated, with door-to-door inspections of the houses included in the marked area which extends over a radius of 100 meters around the area of ​​the cathedral and includes Piazza Antelminelli; piazza San Martino; Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi between via della Rosa and via della Dogana; via Cloister of the Cathedral; via del Molinetto; via Francesco Carrara between via del Molinetto and corso Giuseppe Garibaldi; via dell’Arcivescovado between piazza Antelminelli and largo Pier Paolo Pasolini; via del Duomo for the section between piazza San Martino and piazza San Giovanni; vicolo della Dogana for the section between via del Molinetto and via della Dogana; Largo Pier Paolo Pasolini; alley Nocchi; ramp of the San Colombano rampart; via delle Trombe between Piazza Antelminelli and via Antonio Vallisneri; via S. Donnino from piazza Antelminelli to the intersection with via del Battistero.

The treatment has a preventive function: Dengue fever is transmitted from individual to individual through the bite of mosquitoes. The virus circulates in the blood of the infected person for 2-7 days, and during this time the mosquito can pick it up and pass it on to others.

During the disinfestation treatment, in the area affected by the intervention the Municipality recommends following the instructions that will be given by the staff in charge, which must be allowed access to gardens, courtyards, private terraces. In particular, it will be necessary to remain indoors and suspend the operation of air exchange systems; keep pets indoors and protect their shelters and furnishings (bowls, troughs, etc.) with plastic sheets. Considering that due to the resulting effect, insecticides could fall on fruit and vegetable products, it is recommended, before treatment, to collect vegetables and fruit from the gardens or protect the plants with plastic sheets. The sprayed fruit and vegetables will then be consumable again after 15 days. To wash furniture and children’s toys left outside, washable gloves must be used.

The Municipality continuously monitors, with the support of the Local Health Authority, the possible presence of mosquito colonies in the areacarrying out targeted interventions aimed at killing the larvae, also on the basis of reports from citizens: the last, in order of time, was carried out a few weeks ago in the area of Door Elisa.

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