Castel di Sangro Naples retreat: day 14

Naples Castel di Sangro retreat – Dear readers of, we welcome you to the direct text of today’s training of Luciano Spalletti’s team in retreat in Castel di Sangro. Afternoon training on day fourteen of the second SSC Napoli retreat after the first one in Dimaro.

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Castel di Sangro Naples retreat: day 14 | LIVE VIDEO

18.31 – Great dribbling by Kvaratskhelia that snatches the ovation of the public here in Castel di Sangro

18.30 – Practice on free-kick after a foul in the right lane

18.27 – Lobotka’s great ball recovery, the Slovakian arrives at the shot but kicks high over the crossbar

18.17 – Spalletti gives indications on the movements

18.16 – Bad clash between Osimhen and Di Lorenzo: the Nigerian striker gets up but accuses a blow to the side

18.15 – New tactical practice with a wide field match: great goal by Zerbin at the start of the match.

18.12 – Break for everyone, the match is stopped and the mini-goals are removed from the pitch

18.08 – Tough clash between Lozano and Rrahmani: moment of fear at the stadium, luckily they get up again

18.02 – Absent from training: Politano (injured), Ambrosino, Ounas and Petagna.

18.00 – The match begins. Here are the two teams (each team has five goals and two goalkeepers):

  • In blue jersey: Idasiak and Contini; Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Olivera; Zielinski, Fabian, Demme; Kvaratskhelia, Elmas, Costanzo.
  • in yellow jersey: Marfella and Meret; Mario Rui, Kim, Ostigard, Zanoli; Gaetano, Lobotka, Anguissa; Lozano, Osimhen, Zerbin.

17.55 – The bull ends. The team heads to the center of the pitch to begin the training session. Spalletti gives directions to the players

17.45 – Big bull with three players in the center to chase the ball. Lots of fans massed on the balustrade to follow the training

17.42 – Start training: athletic work to begin

17.40 – The team heads in front of the distinct sector of the Patini stadium to greet the fans present in the stands to follow the training

17.35 – Spalletti’s long speech to the team: great concentration in everyone’s faces.

17.30 – Team already on the field: the players have fun dribbling while waiting for this afternoon’s session to start

17.20 – Lobotka and Demme also on the pitch: dribbling with Mario Rui and Di Lorenzo in the center of the field

5.15pm – Mario Rui and Di Lorenzo already on the pitch: the Napoli captain bows to his Portuguese teammate

17.00Fourteenth day of retreat in Castel di Sangro: this afternoon training session open to the public. The team is expected to enter the field of play.

Castel di Sangro retreat Naples program

Castel di Sangro retreat: the program

This is the program of the withdrawal of the Naples to CasteldiSangro:

  • Saturday 23 July: afternoon training at 5.30 pm
  • Sunday 24 July: morning training at 10, afternoon training at 17.30
  • Monday 25 July: morning training at 10, afternoon training at 17.30 (behind closed doors)
  • Tuesday 26 July: morning training at 10, afternoon rest
  • Wednesday 27 July: morning training at 10 behind closed doorsfriendly afternoon Napoli-Adana Demirspor 2-2
  • Thursday 28 July: morning rest, afternoon training at 5.30 pm
  • Friday 29 July: morning training at 10 am, afternoon training at 5.30 pm (behind closed doors)
  • Saturday 30 July: morning training at 10, afternoon rest
  • Sunday 31 July: morning training at 10 am (behind closed doors), friendly Napoli 1-1 Mallorca
  • Monday 1st August: rest in the morning, joint training with Castel di Sangro 8-0
  • Tuesday 2 August: morning training at 10 am, afternoon training at 5.30 pm (behind closed doors)
  • Wednesday 3 August: morning training at 10 am (behind closed doors). Friendly match Napoli-Girona 3-1
  • Thursday 4 August: morning rest, afternoon training at 17.30
  • Friday 5 August: morning training at 10 (behind closed doors), afternoon training at 17.30
  • Saturday 6 August: morning training at 10 (behind closed doors). Friendly match Napoli-Espanyol at the Patini Stadium at 7 pm.

Napoli called up: Spalletti’s list for Castel di Sangro

These are the players called:

Goalkeepers – Marfella, Meret, Idasiak, Contini;
Defenders – Costanzo, Di Lorenzo, Juan Jesus, Olivera, Ostigard, Rrahmani, Mario Rui, Zanoli;
Midfielders – Zedadka, Anguissa, Demme, Elmas, Fabian Ruiz, Lobotka, Zielinski;
Forwards – Ambrosino, Gaetano, Kvaratskhelia, Lozano, Osimhen, Ounas, Petagna, Politano, Zerbin.

Castel di Sangro Napoli retreat, the program on CalcioNapoli24

The appointments are back, from 10 to 12 and from 17 to 19 from Castel di Sangro ”by CalcioNapoli24 TV. Everything will be broadcast on TV (on digital terrestrial 79) as well as on Facebook (, Youtube (CN24) and on the portal. From 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm connections from Abruzzo during the ‘Speciale Calciomercato’ with our correspondents Claudio Russo, Marco Lombardi and Lorenzo Sorianiello. All the updates on Luciano Spalletti’s Napoli, with a look at the Azzurri’s transfer market and the proposal of live events.

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