Kevin, I love you

Well already, I would have had a little thought for the columnists then I would have made a piece that was more easily summarized. In “Trap for a Single Man”, your wife, Michel Fau, disappears and is then found. But, you affirm that she is not your wife, while she, and therefore you Caterina Murino, … Read more

Student housing crisis: “231 people on the waiting list for a T2”, testifies the president of Fnaim31

the essential Every year, students compete for housing. But faced with the rental shortage, finding accommodation becomes such an obstacle course that some people even give up on continuing their studies. “It is more difficult for a student to find a property to rent than to obtain their diploma”… A chilling observation. Popular for its … Read more

Jigsaw parodies AMC spot with Nicole Kidman on the magic of cinema – La Réclame

Saw how? In the world of advertising, some moments become memorable not because of their genius, but rather because of their unintentional hilarity. The spot of Nicole Kidman for cinemas AMC in 2021, a “sincere” celebration of the magic of cinema, fits perfectly into this category. Almost exactly two years later, the American studio Lionsgate … Read more

8 Hollywood Celebrities Who Love Casinos

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see Hollywood stars showing interest in the casino world. It must be said that this is one of the rare sectors that attracts all types of profiles, no matter how different they may be. And, if you doubted it, here is a list of 8 huge celebrities whose casino … Read more

Putting your skincare products in the freezer, good or bad idea? A dermatologist answers us

A trend spotted on TikTok since an American beautician praised its benefits, freezing your toner would double its effectiveness. We wanted to check with dermatologist Nadine Pomarède, founder of the DermoMedicalCenter. Dermatological treatments are known to significantly improve the quality of the skin. But, for several years now, the trend of frozen treatments has emerged … Read more