Halo Infinite – premiere trailer of the campaign

The trailer for the upcoming Halo Infinite campaign module on the occasion of its forthcoming premiere has just been released to the network. Although we have seen most of the scenes on the previous materials, the fans should be satisfied with itand new players ?? better acquainted with the fictional …

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Gothic 2 on a new engine? See the OpenGothic fan project

Message games November 30, 2021, 19:30 OpenGothic is a fan project that takes Gothic 2: Raven’s Night to a completely rewritten engine. This is to improve the performance of the game on modern equipment and increase the possibility of creating modifications. An old proverb says: ?? a tree that creaks, …

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Final Fantasy VI deserves a remake more than the “nine”

Final Fantasy VI debuted on the SNES in 1994, initially only in Japan and the United States. The European release appeared much later, in 2002, when the production was released for the first PlayStation. I played this version quite late, about a decade ago. And like critics and gamers many …

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