Heart attack, this food reduces your risk

People at risk of heart attack can reduce their risk by following a healthy diet that includes legumes such as beans and lentils. Heart attack – Some studies found that the consumption of legumes was associated with a lowering of blood pressure and a reduction in cardiovascular disease. Heart …

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the bomb from the USA – Libero Quotidiano

What if Vladimir Putin was sick? Does this explain the crazy behavior of the Russian president in Ukraine? The thesis has been circulating since he sparked the conflict, especially regarding the mental health of the tsar. Now, however, from the Pentagon – relaunched by the Daily Star and taken up …

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Austria has suspended the vaccination obligation

The Austrian government has announced the suspension of compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus due to the decrease in infections in the country and the stabilization of the pandemic. Compulsory vaccination was introduced with a law passed in February, which made Austria the first Western country to impose a vaccination obligation …

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