December 5 “World Turkish Coffee Day”… – BRTK

While Turkish coffee ranks first in the coffee preferences of many people in Turkey and Cyprus due to its unique taste, smell and abundant froth, filter coffee is also preferred by the citizens. Turkish coffee was included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on 5 … Read more

When is World Turkish Coffee Day?

History of Turkish Coffee Researchers say coffee spread from Abyssinia to the world as early as the 14th century and originated from the Kaffa region in southern Abyssinia, which has the same etymology as coffee. The Ottoman governor of Yemen Ozdemir Pasha, one of the Mamluk Circassians, who was the father of Grand Vizier Ozdemiroglu … Read more

Engineers Day Message (When is Engineers Day celebrated in Turkey?) – Last Minute Turkish News

Engineers Day Message “We celebrate World Engineers Day. We build the future together! Happy 5th December World Engineers Day!” “Happy #5December #WorldEngineersDay to all our engineers working towards the development of our country and enhancing the welfare of humanity.” “Happy Engineers Day on 5th December to our engineers across all branches who make our lives … Read more

Who was eliminated from MasterChef? Who went to MasterChef last night? Who said goodbye to MasterChef on 3rd December 2023? Here’s the final name bidding farewell to the competition!

04.12.2023 08:00Last updated: 04.12.2023 17:45 Who was eliminated from MasterChef? Who went to MasterChef? The elimination round of MasterChef left everyone breathless. Viewers started asking “Who went to MasterChef?” The contestants who wanted to become champions in All Stars shared all their trump cards. The eliminated names of this week’s MasterChef Turkey competition broadcast on … Read more

GTA 6 trailer has been released!

gta 6 trailer It was published about 15 hours before the scheduled time. After continuous leaks, a move was made much earlier than planned as the trailer was completely leaked. After the main trailer was leaked, Rockstar Games released the much-awaited trailer on their YouTube account. When we look at the trailer of the game, … Read more