Divide et impera –

There is an understanding of the famous Latin phrase “divide et impera”, which could describe Vladimir Putin’s policy on Ukraine. Some scholars trace what remained proverbial to the decision of the Roman empire to divide the Macedonian kingdom, after its conquest, into four republics that had no relations with each …

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emoji to escape government censorship –

Almost 14 thousand citizens arrested for even a single tweet. Many have canceled their accounts, but there are those who use coded messages to organize protests A codified language to be able to communicate without incurring censorship and retaliation by the Moscow government. Opposition in Russia from the end of …

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“It’s a war crime”

Mariupol Children’s Hospital, which houses maternity wards, was hit by a raid, as can be seen from the images posted on Facebook by the head of the regional military administration of Donetsk Pavlo Kyrylenko, quoted by Ukrinform. The tragedy unleashes the wrath of President Zelensky: “A direct attack by Russian …

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