Media: Russian invasion of Ukraine in three phases?

“For several days now, the Kremlin has scared that a war with Ukraine is inevitable if its government does not abandon its alleged plans to recapture the Russian-occupied Donbas and Russia-attached Crimea. NATO would also have to” guarantee “that Ukraine will never become a member of the alliance. withdraw weapons …

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Bearded Mary on the rainbow cover of queer magazine. This is the LGBT ambassador to the European Union, Riccardo Simonetti. Internet users outraged

“How else could the rainbow community, famous for its tolerance, celebrate Advent, if not with a blasphemous provocation,” outraged Internet users commented on the latest cover of the German queer magazine “Siegessäule Magazin”, which featured a special LGBTQ ambassador to the European Parliament. Activist Riccardo Simonetti poses on it for …

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Media: Raman Pratasiewicz’s partner faces six years in prison

Her criminal case will soon be transferred to a court in Minsk. Only after Sapieg’s verdict can she be extradited to Russia. According to BBC sources, the charges against 23-year-old Sofia Sapieg concern an article of the criminal code kindle hostility. The lowest possible sentence is six years’ imprisonment. Sapiega …

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