CD Projekt unveils Hadar, The Witcher Sirius / Polaris and Cyberpunk Orion!

With a surprise move, the social channels of CD Projekt officially announce the next video games in development at the Polish software house known all over the world for Cyberpunk 2077 and the role-playing series of The Witcher.

From the pages of their Twitter profile, the top management of CD Projekt RED inform us that they are currently working on five video games, one of which will initiate a completely new intellectual property. Given the ‘solemnity’ of the moment, we report in full the messages shared by CD Projekt to announce the next titles of the European company:

  • Orion is the code name of the next Cyberpunk game that will lift the series to new heights while continuing to harness the potential of this dark representation of the future.
  • Polaris is the code name of the first chapter of the New Saga of The Witcher, recently announced in pre-production. It will be the beginning of the new saga: CD Projekt aims to launch two more Witcher games after Polaris, creating a new trilogy of AAA RPGs.
  • Canis Majoris is a Witcher game for all intents and purposes, separate from the New Witcher Saga that begins with Polaris. It will be developed by an external studio led by experienced developers who have worked on previous Witcher games.
  • Sirius is the code name of the Molasses Flood game set in The Witcher universe. Made with the support of CDPR, it will be a different project from past productions and will offer both multiplayer gameplay and a single player experience, including a campaign with missions and a story.
  • Hadar is the code name of one third IP completely distinct from The Witcher and Cyberpunk. The project is currently in the early stages of the creative process, which means that it is still in the concept phase: however, CD Projekt says it is committed to giving shape to the settings.

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