Celebrities who have decided to adopt. Jolie, Spielberg, Bullock

Adopting a child is not easy, even for Hollywood stars. It involves many formalities, tests, and above all, it is a long process, so it requires patience. Of course, these children are worth it, and the stars on our list who have decided to adopt children would certainly agree with that. For some, it was the only chance for parenthood, others wanted to take advantage of their very privileged position and give someone a better life.

While there has been a lot of gossip over the years that some celebrities do this to gain publicity or for other non-commendable reasons, these are mere rumors. Parenting is difficult, and it also exposes us to the opinion of others – in this case, however, they are not our friends or neighbors, and sometimes – the whole world.

Celebrities, however, don’t care, they protect and care for their children as best they can. See for yourself.

Sandra Bullock

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