Cesare Cremonini, concert in Florence 22 June 2022 / Schedule, timetables and info

Cesare Cremonini, concert in Florence 22 June 2022: lineup, timetables and info

Cesare Cremonini he will stop this evening in Florence. The Bolognese singer-songwriter will perform in the Artemio Franchi stadium. It will be a special moment to celebrate the over twenty years of musical career of the Bolognese singer-songwriter with a repertoire of timeless songs. A lineup in which the singer-songwriter has chosen to mix new songs but also historical songs. Alongside his successes, there will be a unique moment: Cremonini will play “Stella di Mare” performed in a virtual duet with Lucio Dalla. Lucio Dalla’s cousin Daniele Caracchi revealed how this idea was born: “One day Cesare called me and said I’d like to sing Stella di Mare on my next tour, but with Lucio. It seemed very nice to us and we did everything we could to make it possible. It fills us with joy to think of Lucio on stage with Cesare, to hear his incredible voice once again in front of a large audience after a long time, it will be a great emotion for everyone “.

Entrance to the stadium will be allowed from 4.30 pm and the concert will start at 9.00 pm. Based on some indidscrezioni, we are able to provide you with the schedule of the concert: Looking for Camilla, The girl of the future, Father Mother, The comedian (You know that laughs), The new star of Broadway, Logico # 1, Gray Goose, Something Big , Chemistry, Hummingbird, Bon voyage (Share The Love), Lost in the Weekend, World, Starfish, MoonWalk, Come and see why, Dolphins, Call it Happiness, Hello, 50 Special, Jam # 25, Poetics, Nobody wants to be Robin, On the Phone and A Better Day.

Cesare Cremonini celebrates 20 years of career, the tour in Italy

Cesare Cremonini will celebrate 20 years of career and for the occasion will perform an exciting duet with Lucio Dalla. The “Cremonini Stadi 2022” will give Cesare the opportunity to bring live the songs from the latest album “The Girl of the Future” released on February 25 for the first time. From “Colibrì” and the title track “The Girl of the Future” to the poignant “Moonwalk” and the third single “Chimica” interpreted with live arrangements that further enhance Cremonini’s live soul. In the lineup an impressive number of successes that have marked Cesare’s career: from “The new Broadway star” to “A better day” to “Logico # 1”, “Greygoose”, “Lost in the weekend”, “50 Special “,” Poetics “,” Nobody Wants to Be Robin “and” Something Great “never performed live before.

Speaking of the tour, Cesare Cremonini had revealed: “Throughout the tour we will give people the opportunity to bring people, especially good memories, to build anew the beauty, not only artistic, that of positive emotions, which are beautiful things to remember in one’s life, beautiful moments, because the long period that we have all spent together, in some way, as a country, as a world has gone through many reflections and objectively bad memories, which are in the part of the brain where you accumulate difficult memories, which make you grow, which put you in front of a commitment, which they bring also important reflections but there are moments in life that you must know how to enjoy, enjoy the beautiful things, the positive things that lead to reflections of hope, joy, sharing and collectivity. A live concert is all this, I would like a live concert of mine to be this, beyond the songs that can be melancholy or desperate, or joyful, the important thing is that a concert as a whole brings a beautiful memory in people’s lives. , it is not cheap today “.


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