Champions, Liverpool-Inter: social networks divided on Inzaghi for Dzeko who remained on the bench

The fans split after the coach’s choices, especially on the non-use of Dzeko: “It was a very playable match, why didn’t he play him?”. “That’s right, the championship is the only goal”

Inter wins in Liverpool, leaves the Champions League and … divides the people of social networks. There are those who applaud the performance of the Nerazzurri, able to conquer Anfield (where the Reds had not lost for a year), but those who raise their voices and make noise are above all those who complain about the choices of Inzaghi (who on Twitter has been compared more times, in the last few hours, in Allegri). And they put the management of the coach’s changes in the dock, calling him “mediocre”. What is discussed is the lack of use of Dzeko, left on the bench for the whole match (in addition to the replacement of Calhanoglu with the more defensive player Vecino).


In short, several Nerazzurri fans were hoping, having acquired the advantage (goal in the 61st minute by Lautaro), in an all-out of their coach in search of the doubling that would be worth the extra time. Instead, thanks to the expulsion of Sanchez in the 63rd minute, it did not go like this. “I’m in tears, I’m imagining Inzaghi in the locker room saying to the team ‘Watch out guys, let’s try to win to get morale but let’s also think about the championship which is important.

And again: “I didn’t realize he was available, but Inzaghi at 0-1 did not put Dzeko for Sanchez (yellow card), to preserve him in the league. When there is a quarter of the Champions League he suddenly becomes very playable. A serious mistake, in my opinion” , reads another tweet. “But let’s face it. Last night Inzaghi proved to be a really mediocre coach, in the choices he made. He was content to win 0-1 in order not to risk extra time in 10. Loser mentality”, adds another person.


And then there are also those who bring up comparisons between the Nerazzurri coach and some colleagues. The most popular is the comparison with Allegri. “Practically Inzaghi with a goal to score saves Dzeko for Turin and even admits it nonchalantly. If Allegri had done such a thing, at least we would have found second-rate coaches ready to give management lessons after winning with Forest Green. “. “You exalt Inzaghi so much and break Allegri: yesterday, with Sanchez booked, he won’t let Dzeko in to save him for the championship. For me he is a mediocre one”.

Someone even looks to Inter for the Scudetto. “The difference between Antonio Conte and Simone Inzaghi is something abysmal. A world passes between the two, but really both in terms of occupying the position on the pitch, and in terms of schemes and ways of approaching matches. You don’t realize it.”


Other fans, on the other hand, are on Inzaghi’s side, applauding a result that on paper was considered unlikely by many. “Our manager put Klopp and Liverpool in trouble in the 180 minutes, he won at Anfield, but everyone talks about him only for the ‘wrong changes’ tonight after being 10 men left”, writes one user. There are those who use stronger tones: “You wanted to go with the spring but in 10 against Liverpool you wanted Inzaghi to take risks. You are hallucinating.”

“I don’t understand the controversy about Inzaghi’s changes, apart from the excellent performance I would have gone with more reserves, but on the changes he rightly thought of Turin and the championship, which is our only real goal. And pray that for Brozo is not anything serious “, concludes a fan.

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