Change on the list of Polsat Box channels (Cyfrowy Polsat)! The channel in HD quality has changed place

Polsat Box has once again modified the list of channels offered to its subscribers. The Lifetime HD station disappeared from two positions – it was moved to another channel. In what packages is it available? What can you watch there?

Channels in Polsat Box – Lifetime HD station changed its position on the list. Where to watch now?

Brand at the end of summer vacation Polsat Box replaced Cyfrowy Polsat. At the same time, Polsat Box GO services (instead of Ipla) and free Polsat GO were launched, but the changes also affected the list of channels available to subscribers of this broadcaster and operator. The first changes came after the introduction of a new station – Events24 – and at the beginning of October he also changed his position Lifetime HD.

Until recently, this channel was in two positions: 146 and 199. Now Polsat Box customers can find it only in one location: 986. At the same time, the operator did not put any other stations in the previous positions. Both in the offer cable TV IPTV what satelliteLifetime HD channel is available in the highest package: NS.

Change on the list of Polsat Box channels (Cyfrowy Polsat)!  The channel in HD quality has changed place - where to look now?

What can you watch on this station? The sender describes it as follows:

“Lifetime is an inspiring and engaging new entertainment channel for women. We provoke, tell fascinating stories and encourage action. Lifetime is an internationally recognized producer of well-known and award-winning feature films. We also offer high-quality fictional series and groundbreaking documentary productions, which is why we cooperate with famous and strong women such as Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston or Gwyneth Paltrow. “

These are the next changes to the portfolio of Polsat Box channels. In mid-September on the canal 13 a new item has appeared: Events24 HD. Simultaneously with the position 21 removed Polsat Sport HDand appeared instead Polsat Sport News HD. The places were also changed Polsat News 2 (now position 64) and Events 24 (position 62).

Officially: the end of Cyfrowy Polsat and Ipla!  The new brands are Polsat Box and Polsat Box Go.  What will change for the TV operator?


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