change the offside on detours. And no rigorini

The Corriere dello Sport tells the news announced by the designator Gianluca Rocchi in the open day at Sportilia, starting from the offside

The Corriere dello Sport tells the news announced by the designator Gianluca Rocchi on the open day at Sportilia, starting from the offside that goes back to its origins in the substance of rule 11: “It all revolves around the difference between intentional play and deflection. Sliding interventions will be considered as deflections. The Alpha has changed the rule: it is not in the spirit of the game to allow a player to take advantage of being offside anyway. Hence a new list of guidelines to better define how intentional play is meant In summary: only a controlled play of the ball, such as a bad pass, will cancel any offside position for the opponent. Here are the parameters for recognizing deliberate play: the ball was not at close range and the player has a clear view of it; the ball does not move too quickly; the direction of the ball is not unexpected; the player has had time to coordinate the movement of his body, that is, it is not a case of a slip or an instinctive jump; the ball on the ground is always easier to play than the one in the air “.

About fouls: “In the referee’s intervention to sanction a foul on a clear scoring opportunity with a red or yellow card, ball possession is a priority. The consolidated philosophy does not change, such as on hand fouls and in the penalty area. attention to communication between the referees and the Var, trying to reduce the timing of decisions. We will try to reduce the penalties, or rather those that are considered “rigorini”, with the support of the Var but the referee always central in the decision, assisted in every situation also by the assistants “.

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