Chaos before the Fame MMA gala. “Suddenly he spat. I got up and fucked him up”

– It’s just a joke. The winner can’t get up, what’s going on here? I won this fight, unanimously! What more can I tell you? You have everything behind you, they will carry it out on a stretcher in a moment! This is laughter in the room, there are some balls, but bang this verdict – shouted Mateusz “Muran” Murański into the microphone at the Fame MMA gala in May.

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People say, “Arthur, take a f ** k Don Cassia” and I think, “Who is this anyway?”

Andrea Botez is losing to the 9-year-old.Nobody expected this. The famous streamer lost to the 9-year-old in chess

Behind his back, assisted by trainers and paramedics, was Arkadiusz “Aroy” Tańula. Unconscious and extremely exhausted, but victorious, because it was him, after three rounds, that the judges unanimously indicated as the winner.

“What will some bream spit on me”

Murański immediately demanded a rematch. It was supposed to happen at Fame MMA 12, but a neck injury stood in the way. However, “Super Express” informs that before Saturday’s gala, Murański appeared at the weigh-in in a special collar, which did not prevent him from tearing up with Tańcula behind the scenes. He gasped, but I didn’t understand what he said. Suddenly he spat as if underneath me. What will some bream spit on me …

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The situation was also commented on by Wojciech Gola, the head of the organization. – I heard that Mateusz Murański spit on Ark Tańula, and he simply hit him with his fist – one of the owners of Fame MMA confirmed the incident

Artur SzpilkaSzpilka pissed off on “Don Kasjo” before Fame MMA 12: For such behavior in the head and that’s it

The conflict between the Murański family and Tańcula

It is not known yet whether they will fight. It is known that Jacek Murański – Mateusz’s father, who is also in conflict with Tańcula, will fight against Tańcula on Saturday. And this conflict has been going on for a long time. Especially between the younger Murański and Tańcula, who were once good friends, maybe even friends. They played together in the series “Lombard. Life under the pledge”, but also friends outside the set, they went to joint events.

After one of them, however, Murański was recorded in a compromising situation. He and his father, Jacek – also an actor – accused him of having put “Muran” in his drink and then deliberately discredited it. – I am mentally exhausted and I am glad that it is the last week and it will be the end. But f … no, it won’t be the end because it won’t end after this fight. We will still be tried in court – confessed in May in an interview with “Super Express”, where he revealed that the Murański family expected a real fortune from him. – This is not a lawsuit, but a pre-trial call for an amicable settlement, that if I pay them 560 thousand, we will forget about everything – he explained.

Fame MMA fights card 12

  • Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński – Marcin Wrzosek – fight of the evening
  • Adrian “Polak” Polański – Maksymilian “Wiewiór” Squirrel – fight for the belt
  • Krzysztof Radzikowski – Piotr “Beast” Piechowiak
  • Mateusz “Fit Lovers” Janusz – Kacper “Blonsky” Błoński
  • Kamila “Zusje” Smogulecka – Marta “Martirenti” Rentel
  • Jacek Murański – Arkadiusz Tańula
  • Kamila “Kamiszka” Wybrańczyk – Anna Andrzejewska
  • Krystian “Krycha” Wilczak – Maciej “Szewcu” Szewczyk
  • Patryk “Ryba” Karaś – Kornel “Koro” Regel
  • Adrian Wieliczko – Jakub “Dragon” Kaczmarski

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