Chaos has been threatening Berlin since Saturday

From Saturday, Berlin is threatened with chaos – the German capital will then have stricter rules for admission to many places, while the popular applications for verifying vaccination status against COVID-19 are outdated and do not distinguish between fully vaccinated people and those who have already received a booster dose – alarms the daily “Berliner Zeitung”.

From Saturday in Berlin, the principle of the so-called 2G Plus, i.e. entrance to restaurants, theaters and other public places for people vaccinated against COVID-19 and convalescents who additionally show a current negative test. People who have already taken a booster dose do not need to present their current test result.

Obsolete applications fail?

However, mobile phone applications such as CovPass, Corona-Warn-App and CovPassCheck, which are used by millions of people in Germany, cannot distinguish between fully vaccinated and booster-boosters at the time of screening.

All three applications were prepared by the Institute of Robert Koch (RKI), for whom the Federal Ministry of Health is responsible. “The decision to introduce the 2G Plus principle was made much too quickly,” admitted an employee of the ministry. RKI also stressed that it was aware that the applications were obsolete and assured them that they would be modified “as soon as possible”.

As of Saturday, the situation becomes even more complicated for people vaccinated with the single-dose preparation from Johnson & Johnson who obtained the status of recovering from COVID-19, and in some federal states for everyone who was vaccinated twice and then contracted COVID-19.

“People who recovered from a booster dose and those who were vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson will most likely have to go back to the pharmacy to get a new certificate with a new code issued. Automatic certificate correction is not possible at the moment, stresses the Berliner Zeitung.

According to, the official portal of German pharmacists, pharmacies across the country are already preparing that the demand for new vaccination certificates will increase again.

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