Charlie’s Angels, is a third chapter possible? Drew Barrymore answers

After the arrival of the Charlie’s Angels reboot, many are wondering if there will also be a third chapter with the original cast. Drew Barrymore gives encouraging news on the matterat least for its part.

There are two films in the franchise, with the famous actress who she played a special agent who worked alongside characters played by Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. The three replied to a mysterious boss named Charlie, whom we have never seen in films dated 2000 and 2003.

In a recent conversation with Benito Skinner on his podcast titled Drew’s News, Barrymore was asked if she would ever return for a third time as Special Agent Dylan Sanders with Liu and Diaz. The response was immediate: “Absolutely”. As for the co-stars, she said “I’d be surprised if any of us [io e le mie co-protagoniste] ever decreed that we would not [fatto un terzo film]. I would do it. I would do it in a heartbeat. The answer is a resounding yes. I’ll always say yes. “

In fact, the same question was also asked of Lucy Liu during Comic Con, but she did not receive the enthusiastic response from Barrymore. “I think we joined together as moms,” Liu said, referring to her friendship with off-screen colleagues. “It’s really nice that we’re all moms today from there, and it’s just a different stage in our life.”

A return, therefore, seems unlikely, especially considering Cameron Diaz’s recent retirement. But not impossible.

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