Check out what happened in the trailer for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ that made journalists CRY with emotion

The long-awaited Marvel Studios panel took place at San Diego Comic-Con and the Comic-Book described the video shown in Hall H that made several journalists cry.

“Guardians 3 cutscenes show the Guardians captured by Ravagers and Nebula reveals that they will have an encounter with Gamora. Peter Quill is taken by surprise. Peter reflects on their time together. “You were everything to me,” he said. “I thought you were gone, but you’re here and I miss you.” Gamora tells him that person was not her. We get our first look at Adam Warlock. A grown-up Groot fights Quill backwards. High Evolutionary appears. The Guardians float on a space planet. Gamora ends the trailer by calling Quill the wrong name and refusing him. The Guardians tease Quill for speaking to her so intimately on an open line of communication and they are listening all the time. It ends with Mantis asking what we know about Rocket. One photo shows a young and dubious Rocket Raccoon. End the video”.

Chukwudi Iwuji (‘Peacemaker’) will play the High Evolutionary, a brilliant scientist who, in the comics, can develop living beings, manipulate matter and energy, has telepathy, telekinesis and travels through dimensions.

Remembering that the filming of the feature has already been completed and the premiere is scheduled for May 23 from 2023.

Enjoy watching:

“We finished the trilogy of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘. I love this cast and this crew. They are extremely talented and have beautiful souls. I am so lucky to have them by my side on this journey for nearly a decade.”

Recently, the deadline disclosed that Nico Santosknown for his role in the acclaimed comedy ‘Crazy Rich Asians’was cast in the sequel.

Unfortunately, details about her role have not been revealed.

saints joins the previously confirmed Maria Bakalova (‘Borat: Next Film Tape’).

The new film will feature Chris Pratt, Zoë Saldaña, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Sylvester Stallone, Karen Gillan, Elizabeth Debicki, Daniela Melchior and Will Poulter.

Don’t forget to watch:

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