Chemical weapons, Russia accuses the US and Ukraine. And China is with Mosca-

Russia accuses Washington and Kiev of starting a chemical or biological weapons program in Ukraine. Beijing sides with Moscow, and the United States retorts: “It is the pretext that the Russians are looking for to be able to use those weapons”

WASHINGTON – The Russia accusation Washington And Kiev to be ready to use chemical or biological weapons. There China sided with Moscow and now the West’s concern increases, which fears that Russia may have started a disinformation campaign to justify a deadly attack with gas or bacterial agents in Ukraine.

The Kremlin has requested and obtained an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. The session began on the Italian evening today, Friday 11 March. There was great anticipation for the intervention of the Chinese representative, Zhang Jun. And a little while ago, the Beijing ambassador confirmed the position that had already emerged in the last few hours: “We ask that the concerns raised by Russia be taken seriously and that verify that Ukrainians are not working on chemical or biological weapons in their laboratories“.

Zhang Jun then also attacked the United States: “It is the country that is developing these prohibited weapons.” Thus, the war of information, or rather of “disinformation”, rises dangerously in tone.

On Wednesday 9 March, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki replied via tweet to the rumors relaunched on the web: the Russians are circulating false news about Ukrainian laboratories. It could be a pretext for unleashing an offensive with prohibited weapons. “It’s part of their way of doing things,” Psaki tweeted.

The alarm was raised yesterday, Thursday 10 March, by the director of the CIA, Burns and by the director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines. Burns in particular noted: “The Russians have already used chemical weapons against their own citizens. And they have encouraged its use in Syria and elsewhere. We are taking this risk very seriously ».

The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasilyi Nebenzya commented with sarcasm: «We expected this maneuver. We knew the Americans were going to overturn the charges on us. “

March 11, 2022 (change March 11, 2022 | 22:24)

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