China warns the US: there is no compromise on Taiwan

2021-11-25 09:48

2021-11-25 09:48

China warns the US: there is no compromise on Taiwan
China warns the US: there is no compromise on Taiwan
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The Chinese defense ministry on Thursday accused the United States of provocations and “irresponsible comments” about Taiwan. There is no room for compromise on Taiwan, and the US should not be under any illusions about it, a spokesman for the Wu Qian ministry said.

Wu answered the question about Sino-US military relations in the context of the recent virtual summit attended by the leaders of both countries. The spokesman said China attaches great importance to relations with the United States.

“However, for some time the American side made many irresponsible comments and made many provocative actions regarding Taiwan, the South China Sea, and sent ships and reconnaissance planes. Of course, China has to repay the tat for that, ”said Wu.

China has repeatedly reiterated its principle that the development of relations with the US must not mean that “China’s sovereignty, dignity and key interests will be violated”; “China, in particular, leaves no room for a compromise, and the US should have no illusions about it,” added a defense spokesman in Beijing.

The communist authorities in Beijing recognize democratically ruled Taiwan as an integral part of the territory of the PRC and seek to take control of it, without ruling out the possibility of an armed invasion. They describe the issue of Taiwan as the most delicate aspect of their relations with the United States, which are considered the island’s most important ally and supply it with weapons.

Taiwan was one of the main themes raised at the recent virtual summit by US and Chinese leaders Joe Biden and Xi Jinping. Biden stated that he did not support Taiwan’s formal independence, but stressed that the US was opposed to one-sided changes to the current status quo.

China’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday expressed its firm opposition to Taiwan’s invitation to the White House Summit for Democracy in December. The PRC, like Russia or Belarus, was not invited to this event.

From Canton Andrzej Borowiak (PAP)

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