Chiquis Rivera Throws Herself to the Floor and Shows off Her Front in a Bikini

Wide-open! The beautiful band singer overflows her curves in a tiny beach outfit from the floor and enjoys it

Overexposing those beautiful curves that are charged, the Mexican regional music singer Chiquis Rivera has returned to the spotlight after showing off her wide front in a tight bikini and from the floor.

And it is that the famous 35-year-old woman has not stopped causing a stir on social networks, since she has always had the gift of dividing the audience into those who love her and those who definitely cannot see her even in painting, being the first who likes to show its striking content.

It was through the application of the camera that Chiquis Rivera appeared on a postcard wherewith all the luxury in the world she wanted to show off her intrepid curves in the best possible way, using nothing more and nothing less than a two-piece swimsuit in shades pastels and washed out design, with a striking pose that left everyone speechless.

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So without a bit of regret, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter threw herself to the ground in order to excite her fervent followers, because her tiny beach suit was in all its splendor with her kneeling pose, since when she was open on the towel in the bathroom, she was able to look great causing intense reactions.

This is how quickly the reactions did not wait, like the comments of his followers who left him compliments and compliments of his sculptural curvy anatomy.

Janney Marín Rivera, who is the full name of the American businesswoman and celebrity, is one of the women who always manages to take the spotlight because with her beauty and those curves that characterize her, she always ends up surprising with her outfits and showing a little more.

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