Chiquis Rivera wears black and boasts cleavage with ‘peek-a-boo’

Even Myrka Dellanos “liked” the sexy photo

Chiquis Rivera has become a fashionista and is always at the last cry of fashion. The interpreter of “Tuesday is very far” has been seen with some very sexy outfits that draw her figure perfectly.

The famous one has been in Las Vegas and for a game night, she wore a black dress with tremendous cleavage. The outfit also had a “peek-a-boo” that showed its abdominal area.

There is no doubt that Chiquis is very dear to her fans since as soon as she placed the image many compliments were added to her. Among many “likes” in the publication was one of  Myrka Dellanos, the famous journalist who became known for her work on the “First Impact” of Univision.



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