Chirico: ‘Allegri is worried, for Pogba and for the gap with the opponents. Juventus need reinforcements’

Something tells me that Max Merry be worried about Pogba and still waiting for some market hit to improve the squad. Then, as usual, with his strong corporateism, he knows how to disguise his own well underlying concerns, but that he is not completely calm, it was understood from the words released at the end of the vernissage of Villar Perosa, almost suggesting that not everything is going as it should. You also want to bad luck that right from the ready / away will deprive him of the Octopus and the Texan McKennie (shoulder dislocation), heavy absences for a midfield on which there would still be a hand to fix it completely.
Above all, Paul’s meniscus injury weighs heavily, for which, in the end, conservative therapy was opted for. “I’m not a doctor, I trusted what they told me” said a not entirely convinced Max, who, like the club, would have preferred the French to have the operation and removed the problem permanently. Pogba has chosen differently, and now the coach really hopes that five weeks of treatment will be enough to put him back on the field. “We hope to get it back as soon as possible”and Max says this by crossing his fingers together with the entire Juventus management.
In Villar the Livorno coach also insisted several times on another concept: the gap with opponents. “They have all reinforced a lot. Inter Milan And Rome they are much stronger than last year ”. Ergo, “winning will be more difficult” Max made it clear right away. Especially if the squad remains the one he is coaching now.
By decoding the message sent to Continassa, more reinforcements are needed. His deputy expects them as well Landucci, as he himself confided between a smile and an autograph to the fans who went to Villar. “The club has done an excellent job and is always vigilant – said Allegri -. Unfortunately, however, this unexpected event of Pogba happened, so now we will see ”. A “we will see” that suggests that he is also waiting for some additional operation by the DS Cherubsin order to avoid further unpleasant surprises from September onwards, in case of new relapses of the French.
Max knows it well, the season that is about to start cannot be the same as the previous one, as confirmed by the same cousins, Andrea and John, in Villar. “Today is a time of reflection for an important year,” he said Lambs. It was even more direct Elkann: “This must be the year in which you will have to prove that you are Juventus”. Which means only one thing: to win. “You players, with the coach and our captain – Elkann made it clear – you have a great responsibility, that of living this year in an important way”. The centenary year of the Agnelli at the helm of Juventus, not even any one. The president and the owner could not have been clearer than that with the team and the technical staff.
That’s why, after the ride on the family pitch in Val Chisone, Allegri seemed less relaxed than usual. He must hope that the doctors treat Pogba well, allowing him to be available for the entire season, and that between now and September 1st the club will put his hand to the portfolio and further strengthen the squad, making it competitive enough to return to play for the Scudetto. . These are no small concerns.

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