Choose first class on the plane without paying the supplement: here’s how!

Do you dream of flying first class by plane? Of course, this has a rather substantial expense but it is possible in some cases to use a little trick to travel without a supplement

In the low cost airlines the first class is basically the front of the plane, are the first seats in the cabin. These are comfortable because they allow immediate ascent and descent but have no other particular advantages. These are files the same as the others, except the first with the most space.

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In some cases there are curtains that divide this number of rows from the rest but in practice the differences are not many if not the proximity to the bathrooms and a greater comfort for some service. On the other hand, in companies of a national type or in any case for flights that are not short-haul, the situation changes and we are talking about much more comfortable travel with many extra services. In the most luxurious one in the world, on the other hand, there is even the butler.

First class air travel

A trip with Easyjet in first or second class it does not change much, in fact the tickets are not officially divided but in any case the seat costs practically double. In this case the possibility of carrying luggage, speedy boarding etc. is offered but the space is identical. For companies low cost the trick to sitting in first class is to check in last, so as late as possible. These companies have the practice of distributing the worst places first, which are in fact the ones that would yield less in sales, the best remain last which they hope to sell for a fee. For this reason, in the end, those who check in will always be awarded the seats in the first row or in any case those of higher service.

For flights instead of companies covering the long haul like Emirates traveling in first class is a dream but it has significant costs. When the seats are not sold, the companies can offer in the days before departure to buy them for a very low price and take advantage. Alternatively though seats are always distributed to go to balance the plane.

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The flight must have an optimal distribution to allow maximum power, so usually when you go to distribute the seats in first you always choose those who sit in the back rows and which would determine a greater weight especially during the departure.

They are small and simple tricks that without spending alone allow you to obtain gods benefits really interesting that can greatly improve the trip.

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