Chris Brown reveals his beef with Drake was just a misunderstanding

Chris Brown and Drake once had a great rivalry

Despite the success of the collaboration on “No Guidance”, there was a time when Chris Brown and Drake They were in a little beef. Reports of a fight at a nightclub began circulating online. The two seemed to be at opposite ends of the spectrum in the industry and no one believed they would be able to make amends, however the artists used their maturity and are now on good terms.

During Brown’s extensive interview with Drink Champs, Noreaga asked about that era of rivalries. He told the singer that he knows that when it comes to fighting, Brown would “come in” as the artist revealed that he “loves combativeness”. “I’m not saying I’ve changed with all the bullshit, but I really don’t have any issues anymore,” Breezy said.

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“I’m not even trying to be tough or anything. For the most part, forgive me for saying this, but some niggas I’m knocking and knocking… [ risos] ‘I was beaten by a brother”. Of course, this is a version of the diss track “Back to Back” by Drake for Meek Mill. Somewhere else, Noreaga joked about how he thought the beef between Drizzy and Brown was intense, but the singer said it wasn’t anything like that.

“It was just a misunderstanding on both ends,” Breezy said. “No, no, I won’t go into too much detail. Drake is cool. He is fine”. Chris Brown added: “It was funny, and then when we actually sat down and talked about it afterwards, it was like, ‘Man, what the hell were we doing? Like bro, this is fucking funny.’ But shit, I’m an R&B guy.”

In addition to this, recently Chris Brown remembered the fight with Drake because of Rihanna. In 2012, things took a turn for the worse after a fight between the two and their entourage at a New York nightclub. When asked about the feud during an interview with “Drink Champs,” Chris played down their involvement and was happy to work out any differences with the rapper.

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