Chris Brown says he’s no better than Michael Jackson

Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson? Believe it or not, this is a discussion that has been going on on the internet for quite some time.. With his due proportions, many people believe that the rapper dances better than the legendary singer. However, has anyone ever asked what he himself thinks of it?

Chris Brown says he's no better than Michael Jackson
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In an interview with a radio station in Los Angeles, Chris Brown made it clear that he wants to end this discussion.

brown made it very clear that Michael is your idol and inspiration. “My personal opinion is that I wouldn’t even be breathing or even being able to sing a song if this man didn’t exist.“, he said. “I don’t know if they see it as a Jordan-Kobe thing, but I couldn’t even look at it. He’s light years ahead. There’s no way to compete with him“, he blurted out.

Chris Brown even has a Michael Jackson shrine in his house:

“Of course not, I’m not better than him”, ended the discussion.

There are videos on the internet with the clear objective of comparing the two artists. Check out:

Chris Brown will release their new album “BREEZY” on the 24th of June. In addition, he will tour jointly with lil baby from the 15th of July.

At the height of his career, when Michael Jackson was alive, it was still said that he could be “the next Michael Jackson”. However, negative attitudes took a toll on him and his career continued at lesser levels of success, without leaving the closed niche of hip-hop. Anyway, comparing is never an interesting thing, is it?!

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