“Chromatica”, the planet colored Lady Gaga

Arrived on the 29th of may the new album of the american popstar of Italian origin that has a specific mission: “I Want people to dance and feel happy”

May 28, 2020 | 9:25 The Editorial Smiles

In these years Lady Gaga has changed its identity dozens of times, in a stream of continuous change. After the huge success of the film “A star is born”, which has led it to win an Oscar, and a show millionaire in Las Vegas, which was interrupted due to the emergency related to the coronavirus), we find the pop star with a clear mission: “I Want people to dance and feel happy,” said the artist. “I put all my heart, my pain, the messages that I come from another world because I want my music to be energetically pure”.

All the efforts of Lady Gaga have become an album titled “Chromatica”in the 29 may. Is the name of a planet of fantasy where the singer imagines moving to An inclusive, where there are all the colors and sounds, where there is a place for all” says she. Between songs, in addition to the single “Stupid love” that has already conquered the Italian radio stations, there are duets with Ariana Grande in “Rain on me” (“we Both have experienced great trauma in front of the whole world,” said Lady Gaga, with Elton John in “Sine” from above” and with the group k-pop Korean Blackpink in the “Sour candy”.

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