Chromatica | We’ve ranked all the songs from Lady Gaga’s acclaimed 6th album

Exactly two years ago, Lady Gaga returned to the roots that had once placed her on top of the world with the acclaimed and adored ‘Chromatica’their sixth studio album.

Counting on 16 tracksthe production brought Gaga together with several iconic names in the music industry, such as Elton John, Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK for a journey towards mental health and empowerment that would make the list of the best albums not just of the year, but already of the decade. Diving headfirst into the french house and not EDM, ‘Chromatica’ came right at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to remind fans that the dance floor will always be waiting for them.

In several promotional interviews, Gaga has commented on the process of building the record, saying that “what I’m doing now is a reminder of the freedom I have as an artist, but also my absolute passion for electronic music, my absolute passion for the ability of a computer to do something so visceral and moving” (via Apple Music).

on the day of today, May 29the album has already completed two years since its official release and, to celebrate it, we put together a brief list ranking all the songs from the production.

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“Plastic Doll” is an explosive critique of culture pop and to the objectification and labeling of artists who just want to show what they have to the world without being confined to insurmountable boxes. Again, the complexity goes far beyond the sensorial atmosphere, bringing troubled reflections and quite relevant to the moment in which we live.


“Fun Tonight” It might sound pretty formulaic – but in fact, Gaga uses incredible wit to build it. moved by EDM and fur electro-popthe strip is coated with a mask upbeat which conflicts with the dense messages signed by the performer. In fact, the song is an amalgamation of all the problems that Gaga faced in the years preceding the album and how she faced those obstacles.

11. “1000 DOVES”

As we approach the end of ‘Chromatica’, it’s pretty clear that the album is a different experience from Gaga’s other albums and that the production seems to carry more weight than any other element of the record. And this becomes quite explicit with the contradictory explosive subtlety of “1000 Doves”an ode to house-pop that begins the end of the self-reflection journey designed by the artist.


Seven years after his last adventure in the world popGaga returned with the release of “Stupid Love”. O lead single of the acclaimed ‘Chromatica’ brought the resounding elements of the dance-pop It’s from Casa, Lar for a colourful, vibrant and immersive musical journey that broke records and reignited the fires of his previous works.


even though the demo in “Free Woman” leaked a few weeks before the premiere of ‘Chromatica’Gaga remodeled the track and bet every chip she had on a dancing french house explosive and well-marked, delivering to listeners a symphonic feast prepared with great care and serving as a tribute to transgender women.


Gaga is not known for bringing numerous collaborations to her albums, but ‘Chromatica’ proved to be a propitious place to “shoot in all directions”. In “Sour Candy”O deep house comes to life with the epic joining the group of k-pop BLACKPINKas well as taking home numerous honors.


There is no reason in the world to explain the polarized reception of “Sine From Above” by international critics – especially considering the powerful production displayed on the track. Here, electronics unites two different generations (Gaga and the legendary Elton John, which already have a history of years) in a narrative of empowerment and overcoming fears and problems. It’s no surprise that after the album’s release, the track has become a listener favourite.

Contrary to our expectations, ‘Chromatica’ begins with a beautiful, orchestral and cinematic arrangement that serves as a prelude to the ambitious world built by Gaga. The atmospheric prologue soon gives way to “Alice”which delves into the best of Casa, Larmarked by beat drops incredible and consecrating itself as an exciting adventure much deeper than it appears – filled with small details that can go unnoticed when heard for the first time.


Following in the footsteps of the tracks that preceded it, “Replay” is one of Gaga’s clearest signatures and reiterates an almost unique ability of this legendary artist to transform pain into art. The song is moved by the motto “the scars on my mind are on repeat” and throws himself headlong into a house-pop so striking that it’s impossible not to be dragged to the dance floors by this incredible song.


Despite always delivering iconic songs, Gaga doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the audience’s wishes and ended up wasting it. “Puzzle”like so many other tracks, of becoming a single extremely successful of ‘Chromatica’. After all, the song starts from a very clear precept that culminates in an explosive electronic chorus aided by the echoing notes of the piano and by questions about the functioning of life itself – a vibrant and narcotic fusion of elements that does not slip at any moment.


“Rain On Me” was named the best song of 2020 for a number of reasons: in addition to the applaudable collaboration between Gaga and Ariana Grandethe track became last year’s most awarded song, as well as being the first female collaboration both to debut at #1 on Hot 100 about taking home the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. It rains on me!


“Babylon” is the track that ends with memorable fury the latest album released by Gaga. The impeccable conclusion nurtures progressive similarities with iconic 1990s productions, while brushing them with a divine chorus. gospel It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Extending your references to Daft Punk and the Giorgio Moroderthe ethereal combination of “Chromatica II” and “911” cannot be disassociated at any time. The interlude’s cinematic performance is just a pretext for the anthem’s robotic explosion. EDMwith all the construction upbeat corroborating the mental health messages and Gaga’s coming to terms with her inner demons.

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