To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Dreamcast, SEGA is preparing to bring ChuChu Rocket to market! Universe, the sequel to the title published in 1999.

SEGA has announced that ChuChu and KapuKapu are preparing to return to ChuChu Rocket! Universe, a first and true sequel to ChuChu Rocket !.

Twenty years after the debut of the original chapter on Dreamcast, the title is remembered by many players as the first real online multiplayer experience on consoles. The players will live a new story but the goal will always be the same: to help all the ChuChu to escape by placing directional arrows that lead them to their rocket. In multiplayer mode, on the other hand, you need to make more ChuChu flee than your opponents.

We then review the innovations introduced in this new chapter:

  • The whole game now boasts three-dimensional worlds, which give life to even crazier puzzles: good luck!
  • New mechanics have been introduced such as switches and teleportation
  • Amazing new environments host dozens of levels, some of which are inspired by the most famous (and difficult) of the original game
  • The menu also received a touch of ChuChu: start your rocket from one planet to another, from one constellation to the next!

Don’t worry, some things haven’t changed:

  • The KapuKapus are still the worst enemies of the ChuChu
  • Original gameplay: if you played the first episode or one of its ports you will already know exactly what to do. To be honest, even if you’ve never played it, you’ll know it anyway.
  • Online multiplayer will always make you want to destroy anything you have insight and block your friends forever.

Developed by HARDlight, a studio owned by SEGA based in Leamington Spa (United Kingdom), ChuChu Rocket! Universe joins another SEGA title that will come on Apple Arcade: Sonic Racing! More details about both games will be released when Apple Arcade is launched worldwide.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.



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