CINEMA Cronenberg’s body horror at the Cinema delle Vittorie – Il Golfo 24

It took David Cronenberg eight years to return to theaters, after the release of that Maps to the Stars which enchanted audiences and critics and which delivered “emerging” names such as Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska to their current status of reliable actors. The Crimes of the Future project actually dates back to something in the past: it is a sort of remake of one of his own films released in 1970. In the film, set in a dark and unspecified future, man has begun to develop (and experiment ) a series of biological and organic changes of an indeterminate nature. Humanity no longer feels any physical pain and in this new physiological condition, people push themselves beyond their most disparate thresholds.

The protagonist Saul Tenser, together with his trusted assistant Caprice, performs in some shows of an artistic nature based on the removal of his own organs: he is not the only one working in this field made up of lacerations, cuts, surgery and sutures, seen and now accepted by all as a form of show with guaranteed entertainment and a purely erotic nature. He also collaborates for a government police unit that deals with corporal crimes and for this reason he is infiltrated into a group of subversive evolutionists who have developed the ability to digest plastic: the head of this rapidly growing company is a certain Lang, who he asks the artist and his assistant to create a performance using the body of his son, a boy who had managed to genetically inherit the ability to swallow anything. The “first” man of a new mutated and corrupt humanity that threatens the existence of the ancient man on Earth. Shot in the summer of 2021 and presented at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the film can count on a cast of absolute quality. The protagonist Viggo Mortensen (who has already worked with Cronenberg on the films A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and A Dangerous Method), the Frenchwoman Lèa Seydoux and the very good Kristen Stewart take on the acting responsibility for a return to the stage Canadian director who, as always, promises to be divisive and absolutely not for everyone. Lasting 107 minutes, the science fiction horror Crimes of the Future is finally broadcast on the island of Ischia at the Cinema delle Vittorie in Forio, from Thursday 8 September, at the only show at 21:30.

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