Cinemas, theaters and discos only for the vaccinated? This is the moment

Presence in cinemas, theaters, entertainment events, discos, sports fields, mass events or swimming pools should be limited to people who have vaccinated against COVID-19 – said the president of Warsaw Family Physicians, Dr. Michał Sutkowski.

  • On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health said research has confirmed 19,936 new coronavirus infections. 398 people from COVID-19 have died.
  • The president of Warsaw Family Physicians, Dr. Michał Sutkowski, asked by PAP whether this is the moment when new restrictions should be implemented in the form of respecting the so-called covid passports, he replied in the affirmative.
  • I believe that the presence in cinemas, theaters, entertainment events, discos, sports fields, mass events, swimming pools, hairdressers, beauty salons and long-distance transport should be limited in time to people who have vaccinated – he admitted.

In his opinion, such a provision could have a positive effect on the rate of vaccination against COVID-19.

“Queues have formed in Germany in front of vaccination sites, as it was announced that there will be restrictions, and they have not been observed for a long time,” he noted.

According to him, this form of restriction would also be safe for the economy, which will rotate, although perhaps at lower revolutions. According to Sutkowski, the implementation of covid passport solutions should take place within the next two weeks at the latest.

“If we are afraid of rebellion, some social discontent – I understand it in the political calculation – let us remember that the majority are people who at least in the ruling electorate think that this should also be introduced” – said Dr. Sutkowski, referring to IBRiS poll for Polsat’s “Wydarzeń” published on Friday. It shows that nearly 54 percent. Poles are supported by the idea of ​​limiting access to public places for people who have not received the COVID-19 vaccination, 65 percent. supports the obligation to vaccinate medical personnel.

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According to him, the EU covid certificate (the so-called covid passport) is better described as “an electronic or traditional immunization card.”

Dr. Sutkowski emphasized that it is also important that as many people as possible get vaccinated with the third dose.

“Just over 70 percent of Poles declare that they want to be vaccinated with the third dose, despite the fact that they have vaccinated with two, so this is a very dangerous phenomenon” – he assessed.

He added that more and more people who get vaccinated with two doses, but who get sick and die, are getting bigger. “It was so that 99 percent of unvaccinated people (patients with COVID-19 – PAP) died, now 96.5 percent, because unfortunately people do not report for the third dose or slow down the application for the third dose and get sick” – He said.

Dr. Sutkowski also indicated compliance with the DDM principle – distance, disinfection, mask – as key in the fight against coronavirus.

The president of Warsaw Family Physicians positively assessed the idea that the employer should be able to check who is vaccinated among employees.

“Of course, it must be clearly written, that it cannot be the basis for the dismissal of an employee, but should be the basis, if possible, for verification of the place where he works and the way he works” – he specified.

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Law and Justice deputies Czesław Hoc and Paweł Rychlik announced last Wednesday that a parliamentary bill will be sent to the Sejm, allowing employers to verify whether the employee is vaccinated against COVID-19. According to the draft regulations, if an employee is not vaccinated, the entrepreneur will be able to reorganize the work, e.g. transfer such an employee to a department where he will not be in contact with customers.

Hoc also said that according to the draft, the head of each medical entity will be able to order the vaccination of its employee.

“I would agree, and even go a little further. I would agree to mandatory vaccinations for doctors, teachers and public services” – said Dr. Sutkowski.

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