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First important hearing in the sexual assault trial against the son of the guarantor of the Five Star Movement and his three friends. Heard the woman. She called her son a “punk”

There are the questions and the answers, and then there are the interpretations. Yesterday, in the court of Tempio Pausania – where the trial of Ciro Grillo and his three Genoese friends is held – the prevailing interpretation was “it went well”.
A matter of points of view.
It was the first important hearing of the trial that could make a difference in the lives of Ciro Grillo (son of the guarantor of the Cinquestelle Movement) and his friends Edoardo Capitta, Francesco Corsiglia and Vittorio Lauria. Two girls – whom we have always called by the invented names of Silvia and Roberta – accuse them of group sexual violence and yesterday, in front of the judges, it was the day of the testimony of Parvin Tadjik, the wife of Beppe Grillo and mother of Ciro.

The witness

She was in the house next to the alleged rape house on the morning of that July 17, 2019. Windows open and no suspicious noise, she always said. Her friend Maria Cristina Stasia was also at home with her, another name on yesterday’s witness list. But the noises of that morning were not Parvin Tadjik’s most insistent questions.
Dario Romano, from the studio of Giulia Bongiorno (who yesterday could not be present and who defends Silvia) insisted on a chat between the woman and her son dated August 2017. A conversation that ended in the proceedings in which she harshly reproaches him who is on the other side of the world, in New Zeland. Ciro was on a study holiday in an Auckland school that at one point wanted to expel him because the vice principal was very annoyed by some of his statements.

In New Zealand

He had told a fellow student that he would gladly slap the vice principal two slaps, adding that “he has two daughters I would fuck.” A teacher had heard and reported everything and the matter had become a disciplinary procedure. In the end, before the deportation was actually enforced by force and with the involvement of the police (because he wanted to oppose it), the boy was convinced to return to Italy and closed it like thiswith no consequences other than the indignation of his mother who wrote him things like “your is typical hoodlum attitude” or my life”.

The defence

Five years later, the question is: why go back to those conversations? The answer was given in court by the lawyer Romano who defined the sentence about the principal’s daughters as “attempted sexual violence”. «Let’s not joke» was the reaction of the boy’s lawyers, Enrico Grillo and Andrea Vernazza, «if that were the case they should investigate almost the entire male population. It is an inelegant way of saying but it certainly does not indicate a propensity for sexual violence “. For Silvia’s defense, however, the questions to Parvin Tadjik highlighted a contradiction (at first the woman denied that the New Zealand episode had anything to do with any reference to the sexual sphere) and “crystallized the evidence of a precedent on which there is a lot to think about ».
Points of view, we said.

One point for the friend

Yesterday’s hearing then marked a point in favor of Francesco Corsiglia’s defense, his lawyers Gennaro Velle and Antonella Cuccureddu swear. Corsiglia is accused of raping Silvia alone (in the shower) before the others did it all together. Parvin Tadjik’s friend (Stasia) told the judges that around 6.30 that morning she saw the girl in a bathrobe on the patio. According to the reconstruction of the investigators, at that point the violence in Corsiglia had already occurred. The witness says he met Silvia two meters away, alone and quiet. The lawyer Velle points out: «You have just been raped, you are in front of a person you can ask for help. Why do not you do that?”.

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