Close to inaugurating a social project, Ítalo Ferreira visits Instituto Neymar Jr., in Praia Grande (SP) – Futebol, Outros

Ítalo Ferreira visited the Instituto Neymar Jr., in Praia Grande (SP) – Disclosure

Italo FerreiraOlympic and world surfing champion, visited the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. (INJR) last Tuesday (2), to learn about the educational and sports work carried out by the social project in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo, and was received by the students.

“I believe that [o Instituto] it is contributing a lot to the people who are here and who are part of this project, to all the children who are arriving, to all the adults who have already left. This is the result of the project. It is the result of a lot of dedication and effort”, highlighted Ítalo.

During the morning, the surfer strolled through the sports courts and the field, where he took the opportunity to play volleyball and soccer with the children.

In the educational building, the highlight was the art class, in which the students prepared a surprise and presented him with drawings of the athlete made in the classroom.

“All the professionals who are here donate 100% to this project and, mainly, the Neymar. I wanted to congratulate him on the project, for doing this in return for the community he came from, where he grew up. I wish you all the best of luck, and that you enjoy every moment in this special place”, said Ítalo.

sport and education

After touring the 8,400m² of built area of ​​the INJR, Ítalo Ferreira said he was impressed with the project. For the Olympic medalist, encouraging sport is an important part of the role played by the Institute in the lives of young people.

“Sport has transformed my life. God gave me this talent, and we know that not everyone wants to be a sportsman, but wants to have a chance in life. These projects give this opportunity, give this light to children, to young people, show a better path to be followed”, emphasized the surfer.

design inspiration

When familiarizing himself with the work of the INJR, Ítalo also seeks inspiration for the social project he is developing and which will bear his name. The Ítalo Ferreira Institute is being developed in Baía Formosa (RN), the athlete’s hometown. It is a non-profit organization whose pillars are sport, training and sustainability.

For the athlete, the Institute is a dream come true.

“My Institute will open this year in Baía Formosa, a place where I was born and where I have great affection. It was my dream to contribute and give opportunity to the people who live in this place, and I believe it will be amazing”, he celebrated.

“Sports transformed my life. God gave me this talent, and we know that not everyone wants to be a sportsman, but wants to have a chance in life. These projects give this opportunity, they give this light to children, to the young people, show a better path to be followed”

Italo Ferreira, surfer

“I hope that I can give great opportunities and that I can be part of the lives of the children and the people who will participate in this project”, added the potiguar.

In August, the Ítalo Ferreira Institute will begin enrollment to begin the activities in sequence. Ítalo relates the opportunity to be able to build a project like his Institute with the first Olympic surfing gold medal in history won by him in Tokyo 2020.

“After my victory at the Olympics, everything changed. I like to talk a lot about my Institute and bring this achievement into my project, because it is really helping”, she said.

“And it is through this victory that I got good partners, people who are really there to add and who can help, together with me, in this project, and change the lives of the people who will participate. It will be incredible. I say that I will do everything while I’m alive to give opportunity and help others”, he concluded.

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