Cloverfield 4 in production at Paramount with Babak Anvari directing

Paramount Pictures has put the next installment in the Cloverfield franchise into production

The fourth film of Cloverfield is back on track at Paramount Pictures. After the success of recent sequels such as Sonic 2 And Top Gun: MaverickThe studio will reportedly go ahead with an entirely new sequel with the director Babak Anvari (Under the Shadow, I Came By) and writer Joe Bartone. JJ Abrams will produce with Hannah Minghella and Jon Cohen while Bryan Burk, Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard will executive produce.

No details have been revealed about this new project yet, so it’s unclear how exactly it will relate to the previous three films. It is worth noting that this is the first sequel to Cloverfield to be announced as such by Paramount Pictures. The first sequel to the original Cloverfield of 2008, nicknamed 10 Cloverfield Laneit was originally announced as a new movie titled The Cellar. Its true title wasn’t revealed until the trailer arrived, although the film still has little to do with the first installment. Released in 2016, it follows Mary Elizabeth Winstead who wakes up and finds herself trapped in a concrete room, held hostage by a sinister man played by John Goodman.

Cloverfield spawned a franchise that is still active:


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The original Cloverfield he can also be praised for his marketing campaign. Most of the details about the film had been shrouded in mystery prior to its release, although iconic images of a decapitated Statue of Liberty were widely featured in promotional materials.. A viral marketing campaign that lets people imagine what exactly would have happened probably contributed to its box office success, spawning an ongoing franchise. Since each of the films in the series thus far is basically part of their own separate horror subgenres, the first film is the only one of the three that is not a found footage film.

In the original film, New York is attacked by a giant monster along with several smaller creatures, as told through recorded footage of the catastrophic event. Last year, JJ Abrams teased that the next sequel would not be found footage style, but a “True dedicated Cloverfield sequel”. This suggests that the new film will have a lot in common with the original. This could also explain the strategy of announcing it openly, rather than trying to keep it hidden with a headline that makes the link less obvious.

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