CNN: The US is considering evacuating Ukrainian citizens. The embassy responds

– The US government does not yet consider the issue of the evacuation of government personnel or American citizens from Ukraine – said the US embassy in Kiev, quoted on Tuesday evening by the Ukrainian Pravda portal.

– We carry out the usual emergency planning as always; in the event of a serious deterioration in the security situation, the facility added.

On Tuesday, CNN said, citing sources in the US administration, that options were being considered regarding the possible evacuation of US citizens from Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion. CNN interlocutors were to emphasize that they see no need to evacuate at the moment.

According to television, the planning of a possible action is headed by the Pentagon. CNN sources indicate that while it is unclear whether Russia has made the decision to invade Ukraine again, it has amassed enough troops around its border to launch an attack shortly in advance. According to the American services, Russia has over 100,000 people along Ukraine’s borders. soldiers and may soon reach the level of 175 thousand.

On Friday, the Ukrainian defense minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, emphasized that Russia had gathered over 94,000 close to Ukraine’s borders and in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories. troops that could be used for escalation.


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