Cnr: ‘To date, 2022 is the hottest year ever’ – Chronicle

The first seven months project 2022 as the hottest year ever: July just ended has recorded a +2.26 degrees above the Italian average from 1800 (since the data were collected) to today and overall the first 7 months of the year record a +0.98 degrees.

This is indicated by the data published every month by the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the National Research Council (Isac-Cnr). “If 2022 ended now it would be the hottest year ever”, Michele Brunetti of Isac-Cnr commented to ANSA.

“July 2022 is recorded as the second hottest July since the measurements were made, second only to 2003, as well as May and June,” explained Brunetti.

Analyzing only the seven months just ended, 2022 recorded very high averages in all months projecting itself as the hottest Italian year ever. “However, this does not mean that it really will be – the CNR researcher specified – because if the monthly averages were to fall in the next few months, the annual average would also fall”.

Leading the ranking of the hottest years in Italy since 1800 is still 2018, with an anomaly of +1.58 degrees above the reference average in which the months of January had a significant weight with +2.37 degrees compared to average and April, the hottest ever with +3.5 degrees above average.