Coastal grandmother: what is the style born on tiktok

It was the American tiktoker Lex Nicoleta to launch the trend coastal grandmother. A trend that involves fashion, design and lifestyle. And that takes inspiration from the ladies over 60 on vacation in their luxurious homes at the Hamptons or in the Californian hills. In particular, the muse of reference is the character of Erica Jane Barry played by Diane Keaton in romantic comedy Anything could happen. The 2003 film of Nancy Meyers is back in the limelight with his style made of comfortable but luxurious clothes. As well as houses furnished with wood and light colors, gardening and healthy recipes. Perfect to move into the wardrobe of thesummer 2022.

coastal grandmother anything can happen

Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson in the film Anything could happen of 2003 which inspired the coastal grandmother trend.

Other films to be inspired by? No doubt It’s complicatedanother Nancy Meyes movie starring Meryl Streep as divorced Jane Adler. With a look based on linen or cotton shirts, jeans And hair to protect yourself from the sun. But also i cotton sweaters ei cashmere cardigan of the series on Netflix Grace and Frankie they are a great source of inspiration.

The coastal grandmother trend according to celebs

The trend coastal grandmother has been so successful that it has reached more than 25 million views on TikTok. But not only. Also on Instagram celebrities compete to show off their perfect looks chic holiday style. One above all, the actress Anne Hathaway. In one of her last posts she stated “Ready for the chic coastal grandmother style since before TikTok was born. May this moment never end ”. The look shown in the photo? Button down shirt, white trousers and straw hat.

Also Selena Gomez did not miss the opportunity to embrace the coastal grandmother trend and posted a romantic shot with a maxi tricot cardigan with a relaxed and holiday mood.

How to replicate the coastal grandmother style

But the coolest thing is that to replicate the wardrobe of the perfect coastal grandmother you don’t have to spend a fortune. If it is true that these are garments based above all on quality of materials and of realization, it is also true that theirs simplicity allows you to find suitable substitutes even at more affordable prices. Starring the pieces in sweater. Cotton and cashmere in the form of V-neck pullover, granny chic cardigan and lightweight turtleneck.

coastal grandmother diane keaton

Another image (and another outfit to copy) of Diane Keaton in the film Anything could happen.

And then T-shirts and minimal T-shirts, khaki or white trousers, elegant jeans. And the inevitable cotton or linen shirts with a relaxed and masculine appeal. A look made of light, bright and fresh colorsi, to be combined with the right accessories. Shopping bag in canvas and leather, sneaker immaculate, Birkenstock sandals in leather And fabric or raffia caps to shelter from the summer sun. Password comfort and simplicity.


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