Coca-Cola at Pride in Milan 2022, the float with Jo Squillo

For the fifth consecutive year Coca-Cola was the partner of Pride in Milan: me too’2022 edition it was a success. A triumph of inclusion and enhancement of diversity, as well as an opportunity to raise funds for Rainbow Social Fundthe fund established by CIG Arcigay Milan to support charity projects. At the event, Coca-Cola entertained and informed his people Love Hero. And also with the icon Jo Squillo.

Coca-Cola celebrates love at Pride 2022 in Milan

Saturday 2nd July Coca-Cola marched with the LGBTQIA+ community to forcefully tell the value of love. And he showed his support to the community through the Love Heroes, who told and lived the love during the parade. And also with Jo Squillo, an exceptional guest on the wagon who enjoys music and a DJ set throughout the afternoon.

In the afternoon, in addition to the very popular parade, Coca-Cola has distributed in 100 bars and clubs between Porta Venezia and Arco della Pace the “Love Hero” bracelets, free for those who bought Coca-Cola. Instead, he distributed special T-shirts for the event from the cart.

Coca-Cola Pride. Visual Crew Agency-min
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Christine CamilliDirector of Communications and Institutional Relations of Coca-Cola Italia, explains: “We are happy to be able to return to the Parade at Milano Pride to tell the power of love together and give our contribution to promote an inclusive culture at 360°. Love is a feeling that we sometimes see neglected and Coca-Cola wants to invite everyone to preserve and nurture it, living it without limits and free from prejudices“.

In addition to Milan, Coca-Cola has supported the LGBTQIA+ community a Naples, Padua and Turinor. Not only by participating in Pride, but also by raising funds for activities that help people in the community in need.

For years now, Coca-Cola has been supporting these activities, by doing wave the rainbow flag throughout Italyand not only. And even now that Pride month comes to a close, the importance of supporting love in all forms remains important: support for the LGBTQIA+ community must never fade away.

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