Compensation for the increase in energy prices from January 2022.

Subsidies for high electricity bills are possible from January 2022.

Subsidies for high electricity bills are possible from January 2022.

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From January 2022, compensation for the increase in electricity prices may come into force, announced Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk on TVN 24. About 3 million people could be subsidized, and the main criterion for granting compensation will be income.

Increases in energy prices. Electricity and gas will be even more expensive

– Compensation for the increase in electricity prices may be paid to households from January next year – said the deputy prime minister and the minister of agriculture on Saturday Henryk Kowalczyk – Compensation may start to be paid from 1 January 2022, but it can also be introduced in February or March with effect from 1 January.

Energy allowance according to the income criterion

It is about a draft amendment to the energy law. The new regulations are to ensure the so-called sensitive customers of electricity and gaseous fuels, the possibility of submitting an application to the energy seller for financial support in relation to overdue and current energy receivables.

Account surcharges from January 2022.

The highest criterion for receiving the energy supplement will be income not exceeding PLN 1563 on a single-person household and PLN 1115 in a multi-person household.

Energa with a profit higher by almost 250 percent. than a year ago.

The bonuses will be granted for a period of six months, and to receive them, it is enough to present the invoice instead of a copy of the electricity sales contract or the comprehensive contract. This is to greatly simplify the procedure.

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