“Complicated, with so many problems”. And about Inzaghi …


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Speaking of his move from the Lazio toInter, Unripespeaking to Rai Sport, he said: “The transition was quite difficult with big problems that have been solved, now I’m very happy to be at Inter. I found a fantastic group, now there are difficulties but with the people, the players, the staff and the managers that are there, everything will be resolved. We hope to get back on the road after the break “. Simone wanted him for the Nerazzurri Inzaghi who had coached him at Lazio. “This step was a qualitative leap for him too. Last season he did very well, this is perhaps the most difficult moment since he arrived and it is normal that he is under more pressure but I found him the same: very good as a coach and as a man “. The defender then touched on other topics in the interview.

ON THE PRESSURE AND REACTIONS OF THE FANS – “You take insults wherever you go, even on social networks where if you play a game you are a phenomenon, but if it goes wrong they massacre not only you but also your family. The attitude on the pitch must always be the right one, that’s what counts really. You have to be strong, you don’t have to hide and you have to go your own way trying to do your best. “.

ON THE NATIONAL“They are difficult but we are the national team and we must always prove our worth against anyone. I hope and I think there will be applause on Friday from the San Siro stadium. This team needs applause because we won at the European Championship, it is true that we did not go the World Cup is a small tragedy and that with hindsight we could have done more to go there, but it is a national team that must be supported because we have given something important to the nation. “The following year we went out of the World Cup. We could have done better so it is normal that now we have to roll up our sleeves and give everyone something more. Here there are many young people who may not play a lot despite being very good players. They have to grow quickly, they have everyone wants to demonstrate and learn and we, a little older, are here to help and empower them. We must be a winning group as it has been since Mancini arrived, all united for revenge “.

ON CHIELLINI – “A leader is missing, but there are others in the locker room. His is an important lack, we already knew it, we must move forward. Italian players don’t grow because they don’t play. Not playing there is less choice, then there are many foreigners and young people are less likely to make mistakes. This is a problem because the more young people do not play, the more they drop in category and the harder they find it difficult to show off “.


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