Compulsory photovoltaic installation. Germany goes one step further

Compulsory photovoltaic installation. This is how Germany wants to develop the renewable energy market. Soon, in 2023, the regulations imposing the obligation to install photovoltaics on new buildings will enter into force.

Mandatory photovoltaic installation in Germany – that’s for sure. Lower Saxony has made it compulsory to install photovoltaics on new non-residential buildings. In addition, all buildings, including residential buildings, must be designed in such a way that they can be installed in the future.

The obligation to install a photovoltaic installation will apply to non-residential buildings with a roof area greater than 75 square meters. The panels will need to cover at least fifty percent of this area, which can be very costly and in some situations quite difficult to implement due to shading.

Photovoltaics in a block of flats.  Why is it such a rare sight?  Does it pay off?

Photovoltaics in a block of flats. Why is it such a rare sight? Does it pay off?

The Lower Saxony Climate and Energy Protection Agency – KEAN informed about the new regulations. As noted by journalists of the GlobEnergia website, the agency’s managing director – Lothar Nolte commented on this matter. The man noticed that so far Photovoltaic installations were already profitable, yet many people did not decide to invest in equipment for generating clean energy.

Despite this encouragement, most of the roofs of new buildings in Lower Saxony remain empty to date. Therefore, making obligatory is now a logical step says Lothar Nolte.

Architects and designers should now start incorporating solar PV systems into their building designs. KEAN plans training courses that will help them adapt to the new realities.

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